Camber is an Equal Opportunity employer committed to maintaining a diverse workforce. The responsible growth and business success of the Company, as well as the career growth of the individual employee, results from hiring the most qualified people  and then enhancing and using their abilities to the fullest extent within our business environment.    

We are dedicated to the principles of equal employment and advancement of people based on their individual qualifications, skills, and abilities. This commitment is supported by policies and procedures that foster a nondiscriminatory workplace. Guided by a rigorous Code of Ethics that is applied with integrity, these fundamental characteristics are reflected throughout our organization and are key components of the strength we deliver to our customers.

A potential employee’s “standard of excellence” is a primary consideration in an offer of employment with Camber Corporation. This standard includes a strong work ethic, honesty, high moral character, and strong integrity. The welfare of the team is primary in importance, and personal ambitions and recognition must be secondary.