International Peace, Security and Development Consulting

Putting people first, Camber assists partner nations with security sector reform, disaster management, and international peacekeeping operations.


Advancing people

Camber is strengthening the ability of the international community and partner nations to successfully build and keep the peace in complex emergencies, achieve positive advances in security sector reform, promote sustainable development, support meaningful disaster risk reduction/disaster management, and provide effective humanitarian assistance.  Our customized consulting services meet both time-sensitive and long-term needs, providing sustainable solutions to today’s complex problems.

International Peace, Security and Development Consulting Division

Camber’s International Peace, Security and Development Consulting (IPSDC) Division, based in Kailua, Hawaii and Monterey, California, provides a wide range of consulting services for a myriad of civilian and military partners and clients around the globe.

Camber IPSDC Division’s multi-disciplinary education, training and institutional development solutions allow civilian and military organizations to respond more effectively to the complex challenges they face.  Whether preparing for UN Peacekeeping in South Sudan, fostering Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives in Southeast Asia, advancing Security and Defense Sector Reform in Eastern Europe, or pursuing other enduring development activities in Latin America, Camber IPSDC strives to create sensible and sustainable results that improve the lives of people and further the advancement of peace and security.

Camber services aim to address the root causes of conflict – be it organizational or societal – while leveraging the diverse interplay of the many agencies and actors seeking to contribute toward a sustainable solution. Analysis of the problem and specific requirements, national and regional opportunities and constraints, resource commitments, language and culture, and the scope of participation and preparedness level of individuals and units are just some of the factors that are typically considered when designing Camber multi-disciplinary solutions. Understanding such issues, the interests of various stakeholders (international, governmental, non-governmental, political, military, private sector and civil society), and how they operate is essential to insuring Camber IPSDC solutions are effectively tailored for our customers and clients.